I Buzzed First!
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Common Problems & Solutions:

In most cases, I Buzzed First! will 'just work', allowing you to form a quiz by connecting Contestants to the Quiz Master over your WiFi network. If however you have problems getting the Contestants and Quiz Master to 'see each other', try these simple steps first:
  • Ensure that all the phones are connected to the same WiFi network
  • Fully close I Buzzed First! on each phone, before opening it again:

    • iPhones:   Press the Home (round physical) button once to return to the iPhone Home screen. Then double click (press twice in quick succession) the Home button to see this list of 'running in the background' applications, which will include I Buzzed First! Press and hold the I Buzzed First! icon until it starts 'jiggling'. Then press the red minus sign to 'fully close' the app.
    • Android Phones:   Press the Home button, and then the Settings button, and select 'Applications' from the list, and then select 'Manage Applications', followed by 'Running Applications'. Select I Buzzed First! from the list, and then press 'Force Close' to close the app.

  • Ensure that all the settings within I Buzzed First! are the same on all the phones. If necessary, press 'Reset Ports To Defaults' in the settings screen of I Buzzed First!

If the above advice does not fix your connection problems, then the problem is most likely due to the WiFi network you are connected to not supporting the functionality that I Buzzed First! uses for quiz discovery.

This section is for the technically curious who want to know more about the quiz discovery method used by I Buzzed First! and guidance on how to change the configuration of the WiFi network you are connected to in order to resolve your connection problems. However, the solution described in this paragraph is not a guaranteed fix, and may not even be an option if you do not have access to change the configuration of the WiFi network. A 'guaranteed to work' solution is offerred further below, so please feel free to skip this section if you just want a solution that works.

I Buzzed First! uses a UDP broadcast (on UDP port 11101 by default) sent by the Quiz Master, and picked up by the Contestants as the mechanism for quiz discovery. This mechanism relies on the WiFi network router that your phone is connected to forwarding the UDP packet to all the other phones that are connected to the same network. However, while most home (residential) WiFi networks do support this functionality, it would seem that many commercial (office, school, hotel etc) WiFi networks disable UDP broadcast forwarding, which stops I Buzzed First! from operating correctly.

If you are attempting to use I Buzzed First! on such a non-residential network and you have access to the configuration of the router, you may be able to re-enable UDP broadcast functionality. How this is done will depend on the network you are using, and we therefore unfortunately cannot offer specific instructions on how to do this.

Guaranteed 'Spare Phone' Solution:

If all else has failed and you still cannot get the Quiz Master to see the Contestants, don't worry, there is one method that is guaranteed to work! You will however need a 'spare' (extra) phone to use this method.

I Buzzed First! requires that the quiz master and contestant phone are all connected to the same WiFi network, but it doesn't have to be your local router, it can be any router. iPhones (and Android phones) can act as standalone WiFi 'hotspots' (routers), and you can use a spare phone to host a WiFi network that is definitely compatible with I Buzzed First! An iPhone that is providing a hotspot network cannot take part in the quiz however, which is why you need a 'spare' (extra) phone to use this method.

  • On the spare iPhone, turn on the Personal Hotspot. Press Home, select Settings, Personal Hotspot, and switch to On
  • Ensure that all the Contestant and Quiz Master phones connect to the HotSpot WiFi network provided by the spare phone
  • Create a Quiz on the Quiz Master phone, and connect to the Quiz on all the Contestant phones.

The above solution is a guaranteed way to make sure you can form a quiz if the WiFi network you originally tried connecting to is not compatible with I Buzzed First!